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FRP Grating

FRP Grating
FRP Grating
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Product Description

FRP Gratings

FRP/GRP Pultruded gratings are manufactured by assembly of pultruded i-beams & pultruded cross rods. The distance between i-beams & cross rods depends upon various load conditions. The 70% glass to 30% resin ratio of pultruded grating provides twice the stiffness of molded grating, allowing it to span greater distances, with its high fiberglass content and i-bar style bearing bars, pultruded FRP gratings are offered in a variety of bar profiles and spacing's, including close mesh options that are designed for heavy motor vehicles.

I-Beam Size Cross Rod Distance Recommended
25mm 10kg/mtr. 300kg/
25mm 12kg./mtr. 400kg/
25mm 15kg/mtr. 400kg/
40mm 18kg/mtr. 750kg/
40mm 25kg/mtr. 750kg/
40mm 30kg/mtr. 1000kg/
40mm 40kg/mtr. 1500kg/
40mm 45kg/mtr. 2500kg/
40mm 50kg/mtr. 500kg/

Why Fiber Tech FRP/GRP Grating

  1. CORROSSION RESISTANT – It gives resistance against almost all chemicals & in most hostile environments.
  2. LIGHT WEIGHT – Density compared to steel is 4 times less.
  3. NON CONDUCTIVE – It does not carry any electric current.
  4. MAINTENANCE FREE –no rework like painting or cleaning required.
  5. LIFE CYCLE – long durability ensures lowest in life cycle cost.
  6. EASY TO INSTALL – no welding required while installing.
  7. AESTHETIC – attractive colour improves plant look.
  8. EASY TO CLEAN – totally washable as it is completely rust & corrosion proof.
  9. UV RESISTANT – Inbuilt UV resistance gives protection from direct sunlight exposure.
  10. LOW INSTALATION COST – Being light weight, it can be installed by anybody.
  11. No rusting No painting required as the colour is inbuilt and different colour options are available to suit your plant colour.
  12. Very high strength to weight ratio which helps in structural saving
  13. It is resistant to microbial growth.

Features of FRP/GRP Pultruded Grating

  1. Corrosion Resistant
  2. Good Structural Strength
  3. High Impact & Fatigue Strength
  4. Light Weight
  5. Fire Retardant
  6. Low Conductivity
  7. Easy to Fabricate & Install
  8. Resistant to Chipping & Cracking
  9. Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance
  10. Low-Thermal Conductivity
  11. Anti – Skid
  12. Non – Sparking

Application of Fiberglass Grating

  1. Industrial
  2. Marine
  3. Mining
  4. Chemical
  5. Oil & Gas
  6. Pollution Control
  7. Power Plants
  8. Pulp & Pater
  9. Offshore
  10. Recreation
  11. Building Construction
  12. Plating
  13. Electrical
  14. Water Treatment Plants