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Turbo Ventilator

Turbo Ventilator
Turbo Ventilator
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Product Description

Turbo Ventilator

Introduction :-  Improper ventilation makes coughs and soughs in the work places due to the presence of humidity, stale air, fumes, smoke, dust and other irritants. It can also affect the freshness and shapes of some of the products and costly electrical circuits. Machineries and equipment may shows jerks and perks due to presence of dusts and other floating particles. Being the best turbo ventilator manufacturer in the market, we provide tailor-made turbo ventilator to satisfy the needs of several small and large industrial units.

Named as the leading turbo ventilators suppliers, we designs and develops ventilators using high quality metals and products to assure durability and quality for the products. Turbo vents produced in different shapes and styles to suit different roofs for easy ventilation process has made us one of the most trusted turbo vent manufacturers. Our experts are technicians strive hard to give new meaning to the features of turbo ventilators like light weight, durability, flexibility and more.

Perfect turbo ventilator clean atmosphere

Ventilation Solution :-  ventilation is becoming a point of major concern for most industrial workplaces and factories due to the fumes, gases,vapors and heat generated by the machinery in the production process. A new concept of wind operated turbo ventilators as a low cost alternative against the conventional electrically operated ventilators / exhaust fans, is the choice for industries and residence.  

Operation :-  The turbo ventilators operates by harness the full velocity energy of the wind to induce airflow by centrifugal force. During rotation energy of the wind to induce airflow by centrifugal force created, draws, the air in the turbines towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine. The aurfoil vanes act as cups, catching the wind at the windward side of the turbine. Simultaneously air is forced out at the leeward side creating continuous airflow ; giving rise to ventilation.

Features :-  The wind driven turbo ventilators are used the world over because of their low capital cost, adaptability ,high capacity per vent overall reliability. The Turbo Ventilator is designed to withstand a wind velocity of up to 100mph. It made of stainless steel or aluminium therefore virtually maintenance free with five years warranty. The turbo ventilators are available in 450 mm, 600 mm, and 900 mm sizes with a choice of material - Stainless Steel / Alluminium / Polycarbonet and also with a choice of coating e.g. PU/Epoxy /Silicon. 

Benefits :- The Product operates on wind energy thereby enabling saving of substantial electrical energy to the user. This also is a saving to the already overburdened state electricity board which have currently a problem for servicing existing client it makes use of a renewable source of non conventional energy i.e wind energy. The product is a long lasting product with a 2 years warranty and is maintenance free. Thereby , offering a low cost solution to ventilation problem in industry. It Creates absolute comfort at working place for benefit of productivity.

Installation :- The turbo ventilators is lightweight, this enables flexibility as, it is easily adaptable to all kids of roofs and can be installed almost anywhere on the roof without any structural changes.