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UPVC Roofing Sheet

UPVC Roofing Sheet
UPVC Roofing Sheet
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Product Description

UPVC Roofing Sheet

We are manufacturer of SunArch modern rigid three layer Un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC) roofing sheets. The advanced technology of manufacturing ensures superior quality and performance of the roofing product. This uPVC roofing sheets is the best replacement to conventional asbestos, metal G.I. sheets, fiberglass sheets, ceramic tile sheets and uPVC sheet has heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, chemical and alkali resistance, corrosion proof, fire retardant, eco friendly, easy to install and move, light weight as well as cost effective in installation and it can save construction cost up to 70%.

Product Features

Zen Eco Homes is an optimum choice for roofing, walling & cladding in civil and industrial construction. Very Much useful to Apply with

Pharma Industry


Food Industry

Agriculture Farm

Chemical Industry

Poultry Farm

Factury Building


Vehical Parking Shades

Farm House

Water Resorts


Animal House

Constuction House

Schools & Colleges


We can provide FABRICATION/ FITTING services for ZEN HEAT INSULATING 3 LAYER uPVC ROOFING SHEET as per your requirement.

Surface Layer - The material is ultra-weather resin, to block the solar ultra violet and reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity, ensure product durability and resistance to chemical corrosion.
Intermediate Layer - contains Multi foam giving to the material light and improved sound the thermal insulating properties.
Underlying layer - for just a good material thoughness special to ensure the strength at the same time, increase the rigidity and light illumination

Three kinds of different materials to give the product their own features and the organically combined to make a new generation of heat insulation uPVC sheet to solve the product durability, corrosion resistance, small rigidity, a sense of space and aesthetics issues.

Thickness           : 2mm, 3mm
Weight                 : 0.350kg per Sq.Ft. for 2mm (Aprx.)
Width                   : 1.13 meter, Covering Width 1.067
Lenght                 : 6.5ft (2mtr.), 8ft(2.5mtr), 10ft(3mtr),
                               12ft (3.66mtr), 15ft(4.57mtr)
                                Customize length Available for Bulk order
Colors                   : White, Blue
Purlin Distance  : 2mm-2.5ft
Fixing                   : 6 self Drilling Screw per Sq. mtr.

Test Report

Zen Eco Homes, a manufacturer of UPVC Multi-Layer roofing sheets, has conducted test for 2mm thick uPVC Multi Layer Sheet. The reports for these tests are as under.

Physical Test Report

Sr. No. Test Result Unit Standard Institute
1 Tensile Strength 331.5 Kg/cm² ASTM D 638 CIPET - Ahmedabad
2 Elongation at break 11 % ASTM D 638
3 Density 1.52 Gm/cc ASTM D 792
4 Vst AT 1 KG. LOAD 86.6 °C ASTM D 1525
5 Flexural strength 622.3 Kg/cm² ASTM D 790
6 Flexural modulus 21850 Kg/cm² ASTM D 790
7 Izod Impact strngth 41 J/m ASTM D 256
8 Water Absorption 0.16 % ASTM D 570
9 Rockwell Hardness (R Scale) 70 --- ASTM D 785
10 HDT AT 66 psi 72.4 °C ASTM D 648
11 HDPT AT 264 psi 64.7 °C ASTM D 648
12 Limiting Oxygen Index 31 % ASTM D 2863
13 Flammabnility V0 --- UL-94
14 Long Term Heat Resistance No Effect --- ASTM D 794 Alekh Plastics Testing Center - Ahmedabad
15 Weight Loss ZERO ( @200°C) --- --- SICRAT - V.V.Nagar

Chemical Test Report

1 Chemical Resistance ( in 18% HCL ) No Effect --- ASTM D 543 Alekh Plastics Testing Center - Ahmedabad
2 Chemical Resistance ( in 20% NaOH ) No Effect --- ASTM D 543
3 Chemical Resistance ( in saturated solution ) No Effect --- ASTM D 543

Fixing Guide

Installation Guidelines for Zen 3 Layer Heat Insulating uPVC Roofing Sheet:

1. Maximum purlin distance for 2mm Thick uPVC roofing sheet is 2.5 FEET
2. Six number of self-drilling screw are MUST. (Length of screw 19mm/25mm/55mm.
3. Sheeting/Installation/Fixing can be done by Experienced PPGI Sheeting Contractor.

Same tools/system are require for Sheeting/Fixing/Installation for uPVC roofing sheet.
This all information are based on our experience and it is provide for your guidance.