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Water Free Urinal

Water Free Urinal
Water Free Urinal
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Product Description

Water Free Urinal

Waterfree Urinal! No Flush, No Touch, No Stain, No Odor

We go to the ends of the earth to save water... Acceptance and interest in waterfree urinal systems have grown as the world's leadership has adopted a greater sense of urgency about finding solutions for a future where fresh water may be less available and certainly more costly. With an estimated 50 million flush urinals installed globally; it is easy to see why a proven waterfree alternative is gaining favor. "Waterfree urinals would result in a significant improvement in public restroom hygiene."

Flush type urinals are far more likely to be colonized by bacteria because of the greater presence of moisture, to serve as reservoirs of diseases causing microorganisms, and to cause the widespread dissemination of microorganisms in a restroom because of the generation of aerosols during flushing.
This revolutionary new urinal uses no water at all to flush. Tested and proven across the world, the unique Waterless system means no unpleasant smells and requires very little maintenance and cleaning. Urine, which is 96 percent water, flows down the surface of the waterless urinal and drains into the unique Sealtrap cartridge. The cartridge is filled with a special liquid called Allseal which is not only perfumed but acts as a barrier preventing foul air from the drain coming into the washroom.
Standard color is white; available in other colors. 


  • Waterfree - absolutely no water is required
  • Maintenance free - no round the clock maintenance of water flush valve, sensors, drainage systems etc. is required except cleaning once a day
  • Hygienic - Bacteria and viruses thrive on moist surface and the wet surface of a flush urinal is a breeding ground for their growth. Hence due to absence of water more hygienic conditions are maintained
  • Easy installation - within one hour entire system can be installed
  • Low maintenance cost - depending upon the use, only cartridge has to be replaced
  • Reverse gases - due to air trap/barrier created by the cartridge, there are no reverse gases from the drainage which creates bad do our in the rest room
  • Green house gases - lot of energy is consumed to transport water which releases carbon gases thus contributes to global warming. This is eliminated as there is no water required
  • Savings - substantial monetary savings (enclosed chart) by way of water cost, energy, carbon etc
  • Reduce burden on STP
  • Certification- LEED and CII
  • Awards - Global Green Award for the year 2009

Technical Details of Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic bowls are made of thick walls to make it shock resistant. These are molded between the temperatures of 1100-1200 degree Celsius with a hot and dry molded. Walls are painted with Glycerin to make it nonstick. Before glazing these mold bowls are kept in an air tight pressure chamber which is dust proof as dust causes pin holes which make the bowl weak in long run. Glazing is antibacterial. Finely bowls are tested for 24 hours to ensure there are no hair line leakages. This quality control production system ensures long life of the urinal.

Why waterfree urinal is better?

Simply put, Waterfree urinals save time and money, conserve tremendous amounts of freshwater and create more hygienic, odor-free restrooms.
The economic benefits
Using water to dispose of water makes no economic sense, particularly in a world facing a very limited supply of readily available fresh water. urinals save in three important ways:
Purchase Price:
This systems are less expensive to purchase and install than flush urinals because they have no flushing mechanism. All that is required is a drainage outlet, typically less than an hour to install, and seconds to install the cartridge
Operating Costs:
Save 100% of the water going through urinals and 100% of water and sewer charges—both of which will certainly rise in the future.
Maintenance Costs:
Reduce maintenance to a periodic changing of the cartridge and quick cleanup as with traditional urinals. Eliminate costs associated with stuck or broken valves from normal wear and vandalism. Reduce pipe cleaning since lines remain free of calcification as no hard water is running through them. Reduce energy costs associated with transporting water to and from urinals. 

The environmental benefits
As much as 5% of fresh water consumed is currently used to carry away urine. Each Waterfree urinal saves up you 40,000 gallons (151,000 liters) or more of fresh water per year.
This water does not need to be transported to the urinal or away from it to the water treatment facility, saving energy. No energy need be used to treat this water, nor does it produce carbon dioxide emissions as a byproduct of its treatment. Finally, by reducing the load on treatment plants, the Waterfree system can reduce the need for costly water treatment capacity and reduce the incidence of overflow events at treatment facilities.

How does waterfree urinal work?

The Waterfree urinal involves vitreous china or stainless steel fixture and a patented, replaceable cartridge that is installed at the bottom of the urinal into a fitting that is connected to a drainpipe. Installation is simple and typically takes less time than for a flush urinal with valve assembly.
The cartridge is shaped to act as a funnel. The combination of non-stick, non-porous materials of construction and the funnel-shape of the cartridge ensure all urine passes into the cartridge and through a unique sealant liquid that floats on top of the liquid beneath it. This pleasant smelling sealant liquid provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom to prevent odors from escaping the drain, but allows urine to pass through because it is lighter than water.

Urine immediately penetrates the sealant liquid and flows to the drain. Uric sediment is collected by the cartridge, leaving an odor-free environment, clean pipes and absolutely no water waste. The cartridge also features a sealing ring to provide an airtight barrier between the cartridge and the housing. The only maintenance required is routine cleaning of the fixture and an easy change of the cartridge, performed approximately three to four times per year.